• What wood is used in COBB & Co. Wood Watches?

    Wood selection is a critical part of what makes COBB & Co. distinct. At COBB & Co. we have sourced timbers from all over the world for our range of watches. In this post, we look at where each timber comes from, and what it looks like.


  • Inside the COBB & Co. Watches Dial Design

    COBB & Co. Watches are designed to be the world's first wooden watch suitable for both casual and formal wear. One key aspect of the overall design of the watch is the dial design. Here's a closer look at each of the features of the dial.


  • COBB & Co Watches on IndieGoGo

    We've just launched our preorder campaign for COBB & Co. Watches on IndieGoGo.

    COBB & Co. Watches are the first wood watches you can wear for both casual AND formal situations.


  • Coming soon: COBB & Co Watches

    COBB & Co Watches are a unique combination of natural wood, stainless steel, and genuine leather. They're a stylish wooden watch you can wear for any occasion.


  • Stainless Steel Clocks And Your Decor

    At COBB & Co, we often get asked the question, "Will a stainless steel clock or one of your traditional wooden clocks work best with my decor?" There are a few important things to be aware of when you are choosing a stainless steel clock. In this post, we look at how a stainless steel clock fits into your decor, in the kitchen, or in the office.


  • How We Make Traditional Station Clocks

    Station Clocks get their name from being used at railway stations. They are used to provide Railway Time, the time that the trains run on. The designs for station clocks are quite diverse, but sometimes it is used to describe a traditional style clock, made with a timber backing, a brass bezel, and a glass face.


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