Inside the COBB & Co. Watches Dial Design

COBB & Co. Watches are the world's first wooden watch suitable for both casual and formal wear. One key aspect of the overall design of the watch is the dial design. Here's a closer look at each of the features of the dial.

Green Sandalwood watch dial designCOBB & Co. Green Sandalwood Leather Watch

Each feature builds on the next, to create a dial with depth, texture, and usability.

1. Lower layer wood grain pattern

The center of the dial is a wood grain pattern that matches the colour of the bezel of the watch. The purpose of the lower layer is to give a strong colour to the watch and to build on the wood look.

2. Upper, outer layer

The outer layer of the watch sits on top of the wood grain pattern, giving a bit of depth to the dial. The colour is a warm gray that makes it easy to read the numerals while still letting the colour from the wood dominate the gestalt of the watch.

3. Ribbed pattern

On the outside of the outer layer, there is a very fine ribbed pattern that adds an extra level of detail. The ribbed pattern sits behind the top half of the Roman Numerals, and is a subtle feature for the owner.

4. Roman Numerals

The Roman Numerals sit on top of the outer layer and give a classic feel and an extra layer of height.

5. Outer second hand ring

The final piece of texture on the watch dial is a 45 degree angled ring to show the seconds. Each 5 seconds the number is marked in Arabic numerals.

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