How We Make Traditional Station Clocks

Station ClockGolden Oak Station Clock, 32cm diameter

Station Clocks get their name from being used at railway stations. They are used to provide Railway Time, the time that the trains run on. The designs for station clocks are quite diverse, but sometimes it is used to describe a traditional style clock, made with a timber backing, a brass bezel, and a glass face.

One defining characteristic of station clocks is that they are easily readable from a distance.

COBB & Co. prides itself on our replica station clocks. We use a polished plantation pine for the timber backing. The wood is carefully sanded and varnished in one of our four signature colours, Golden Oak, Walnut (brown), Antique (our only matte finish), and Mahogany (a dark reddish tone).

We make the station clock in 3 sizes. Our small station clock is 28cm in diameter, medium sized at 32cm in diameter, and large at 40cm in diameter.

Antique colour Station Clock Antique Finish Station Clock, 28cm diameter

On the face of the station clock, we put a solid brass imitation key hole. First we drill a hole in the timber backing. Then we place a keyhole piece inside the hole that looks just like the real thing.

Once the imitation key hole is in place, we put the dial of the clock in place. Then the clock is adorned with a solid brass bezel, and a glass face.

COBB & Co. is one of the few manufacturers in the world that are still making these traditional clocks with quality materials. Many manufacturers now use rubber wood, aluminium or plastic bezels, and a painted key hole to save on costs. At COBB & Co., we believe that a great clock starts with the finest materials.

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